10 Myths about Juicing That You Have Probably Heard !

myths about juicing

Juicing has been embraced as a healthy routine by many individuals around the globe. This however has led to many questions on its healthy benefits while some consider it as just another health fad being promoted by Hollywood. Even though everyone is entitled to his own opinion it is always good to establish facts from myths .This article aims at helping you understand that by letting you establish what facts are and what are simply myths.

1. Juices Contain Too Much Sugar

This is entirely false considering the amount of sugar contained in a juice depends on what ingredients you are using for juicing. Using the 80/20 rule that applies to the ratio of vegetables to fruits in any healthy juice it is easy to achieve the necessary balance. This is considering there are some fruits with high sugar quantity that can be harmful to diabetic patients. Remember juicing should be healthy that is why you need that sugar balance. Professionally made juices to not carry the risk of high sugars and that is what you should take as it gives you the opportunity to benefit from vitamins and antioxidants it contains.

2. Juice Has No Fiber

This may sound true to some people when the process used to obtain the juice is concerned. However any nutritionist will tell you that there are two types of fiber; the soluble and the insoluble fiber. Juice obtained from juicing contains the soluble fiber. Although it may not be bulky as insoluble fiber the benefits are nearly the same. This simply proves that it is a myth to believe juice from juicing has no fiber.

3. Juice Has Less Proteins

This myth has been around for some time now and is subject to so many controversies. It wise to remember that the main purpose for juicing is to maintain a healthy lifestyle and excess protein is a major contributor to unhealthy lifestyle. The amount of proteins contained in juice is enough for the body and if any additional proteins are needed all you need to do is adjust to ingredients that will provide and meet your protein demands.

4. Juicing is Nothing But a Trendy Fad Diet

Since juicing was started a lifestyle choice to encourage healthy living. There were so many theories that sometimes went overboard on the benefits of juicing. However continued research and studies reveal more positive benefits of the same. A good example is the recent study conducted in Israel that reveals that carrot juice can help smokers as it helps reduce white blood cells DNA damage. This and many other findings conclude juicing is not a fad diet. Remember doctors and nutritionist recommend taking a lot of fruits and vegetables juicing is just one simple way to ensure this although not directly.

5. Juicing is a Very Expensive Lifestyle Only Meant For The Rich

Many people who have never tried juicing consider this dietary option expensive and wasteful a habit that can only be sustained by the rich. However this is simply false considering left over’s from juicing can be used for broth, baking and vegetable burgers. Being wasteful when it comes to juicing is a matter of choice and not what the process is all about. Find out the best affordable juicers !

6. Juicing Causes Hair Loss

The main reason why people juice is to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It is not however supposed to be the only food you take. However for some people who are much into juicing this principle becomes irrelevant leading to hair loss due to deficiencies of vitamin D, zinc and biotin. Juicing as part of healthy living cannot cause hair loss as was thought before. But poor juicing routines can result into nutritional deficiencies that can manifest in form of hair loss.

7. Juicing Carries a High Risk For Bacterial Infections

Juice just like any other food and comes with a risk of water borne infections. However this does not mean juicing is a guarantee of a bacterial infection. Just like other foods require cleaning and good preservation the same should apply to fruits and vegetables. However the cleaning of fruits and vegetables should be mandatory as they are consumed in raw form and no heating is involved which helps in destroying germs.

8. Eating Vegetables and Fruits is Better Than Juicing

Although this myth sounds more realistic when compared to juicing they all tend to achieve the same goals. However juicing has more merit considering vegetables are mostly consumed boiled. This is known to denature most nutrients that would otherwise be preserved through juicing. Juicing is also more enjoyable as a mixture of fruits and vegetable can create flavors that encourage consumption for most people. Remember juicing is just another way of people consuming fruits and vegetables to meet their dietary demands.

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9. Juicing Has no Proven Healthy Benefits

Juicing is an area that currently attracts a lot of research and studies to establish all the health benefits. Although some cases of juicing act on assumption that all vegetables and fruits are healthy considering doctors and nutritionists encourage consumption. There are lots of other research findings that clearly outline health benefits. A good example comes from the beet juice that contains properties like nitric oxide that help lower blood pressure promoting exercise endurance.

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10. Juicing Does Not Detoxify Your Body

Among all the myths stated this is however true considering the body is always in a state of detoxifying even without juicing in the picture. This is a natural process done in the liver of every living thing. This however is limited with some lifestyle choices like alcohol intake. Juicing only helps to provide phytonutrients known to promote increase in liver enzymes responsible for detoxification. This simply means juicing plays an important role in detoxification and ensuring general good health of the body.

The American Cancer Society (ACS) encourages us to consume one serving of plant based foods at least once per day in an effort to beat cancers. Juicing can be one way to do it. Remember to always consult your doctor or nutritionist before starting any juicing regiment. You may also read The Top 11 Juicing Myths Busted

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