Is Juicing For Weight Loss A Good Option For A Healthier Life?

juicing for weight loss

The New Year is fast approaching. For some this is the period when they need to make their life’s New Year resolutions. On most people’s list of resolutions their will always be eating right and maybe working out .juicing has however been identified as one of the most successful lifestyle adjustment that is why most people will opt for in their new year resolutions.

Juicing has also been identified as a catalyst to stopping some unhealthy lifestyles like smoking and excessive alcohol intake. Those who have tried it and succeeded will always be a voice of inspiration to others who are eager to rip the benefits of juicing. However just as it may sound convincing it could also be complicated that is why am providing this tips to guide you.

1. Ask yourself why you need to juice

Before I opted to start juicing 6 years ago I first needed to understand why I needed juicing in the first place. Mine was more of a lifestyle decision. Juicing was a sure way of ensuring my body was getting enough nutrients from fruits and vegetables. Considering I was generally a poor consumer of the same and juicing offered an opportunity to enjoy them combined and differently.

It is no hidden fact that most people don’t like consuming raw fruits and vegetable like carrots, beetroot, celery and apples research also confirms that 90% of Americans do not actually consume the recommended amount of fruits and vegetable. Therefore juicing is the simpler option of making them do so. Understand the importance of juicing to your life and health that is when you will start rip its benefits.

2. Ask yourself if their still could be another way

What I simply mean by this is eating fruits and vegetables other than juicing. Although many experts will advice on this so far it has been of little help considering many people simply don’t like it that way. Juicing on the other hand helps you get all the nutrients combined in one. It also for nutrients to absorbed easily and fast. Juicing also prevents nutrients from being denatured in processes like heating which makes it the perfect choice than eating fruits and vegetables directly.

3. Ask yourself the type of juicer you should use

This should directly depend on factors like cost, space and reason for juicing. Generally there are two types of juicers in the market that come in different price prices and with different efficiency and mode of action. The first juicer is the centrifugal juicer, in terms of pricing it is reasonably cheaper. The mode of action involves a sharp high speed rotating blade that chops fruits and vegetables. This results into oxidation of the juice. Its main limitation is that it leaves some juice in the resulting pulp.

The second juicer is the masticating juicer and when it comes to pricing it is quite expensive. But it is worth it considering all nutrients and juice are extracted intact. This is the most recommended juicer in the market and I will recommend the same if you wish to gain more with juicing.

4. Ask yourself if your doctor or nutritionist will recommend juicing

Just because you have opted for juicing that does not mean you have the express right to start practicing it. The right course of action is to first notify your doctor or nutritionist to get a second opinion on the same. You may be suffering from conditions like diabetes or bleeding disorders that some juicing ingredients may worsen, especially when they contain too much sugar. It also gives you an opportunity to learn more about the benefits or risks of juicing on your life through the right channels.

5. Ask yourself what you are going to juice

This last tip is more of imaginative after all the other tips have been considered and put to rest. However to not forget the principal ratio of vegetables to fruits of 3:1.this means you should use 75% vegetables and 25% fruits for better results. You can actually juice anything that is food and can produce juice as long as you have the right juicer.


Juicing offers a healthy solution to most lifestyle conditions. However the field is still undergoing numerous study and research to fully comprehend the benefits fully. This however does not mean you shouldn’t try because it simply could be the answer you have been patiently waiting for. Happy juicing to all…

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