19 Best Fruits and Vegetables You Can Use To Start Juicing Today !

Fruits and Vegetables for juicing

When it comes to juicing not all fruits and vegetables are always good options. There are factors you need to consider before settling for the best fruits and vegetables for juicing recipes. This includes nutritional value and their availability as always.  For those who have embraced juicing as a lifestyle decision, this article aims at guiding you onto choosing the best fruits and vegetables for your healthy lifestyle. Remember it worthy to give all these top 19 fruits and vegetables a try in your juicing for optimal results.

1. Pineapples

This tropical fruit gives juicing an experience like no other because of its flavor. However in ancient medicine, the pineapple was used for curative purposes. It is known to contain anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and antibacterial properties not to mention, the abundance of other nutrients. For those suffering from digestion issues, the pinneaple juice can come in handy due to a digestive enzyme called bromelain which normally speeds up the process.

2. Tomatoes

A recent research conducted by the American Cancer Association reveals that tomatoes have the ability to prevent some forms of cancer like breast and testicular cancer. This is the more reason why tomato juice should feature in your juicing recipe. It a good source of lycopene— which promotes improved heart function. The good news about tomatoes is that they blend well with other fruits and vegetables and have a pleasant taste an extra reason why it cannot miss on this list of top fruits and veges for juicing.

3. Apples

This are considered one of the best fruits and vegetable for juicing by most juicing gurus around the globe. They contain antioxidants, immune boosting properties and also help reduce harmful cholesterol levels. You can trust apples with any other fruits and vegetables as it’s able to blend quite well. Apples also have other nutritional benefits besides helping in fat digestion.

4. Cabbage

This is a vegetable known to possess the highest amount of Vitamin C and comes in different varieties. On its own, cabbage juice does not taste that great, but this can be masked by adding to other fruits and vegetables. Cabbages help with ulcers problems, cancer preventing abilities and are full of indoles that help in estrogen balance for women. It also regulates metabolism and helps with detoxification.

5. Broccoli

This vegetable belongs to the family of cruciferous and it contains a lot of antioxidants vitamin c and chlorophyll. It helps s in fighting and prevention of lung cancer, colon cancer, breast cancer and diabetes. You have the option of juicing or just eating raw and can be mixed with other fruits and vegetable for further flavors and nutritional advantages.

6. Citrus fruits

This fruits are best enjoyed for juicing when completely ripe as unripe one are somehow acidic. They have abundant amounts of carotenoids, vitamin C and bioflavonoid that are responsible for cancer fighting. They also have curative properties as antiviral s and antibacterial. They are also though to help in fighting cholesterol build up and blood pressure management.

7. Papaya

This fruit does not turn out great with all types of juicer and it recommended that it should be blended for better results. Papaya juice help with digestion of proteins considering it contains an enzyme called papain. It also has adequate supply of vitamin c and can be trusted with cancer prevention. This fruit can be mixed with other fruits and vegetables for better flavors.

8. Berries

Berries come in different varieties than include blue berries and raspberries. However their benefits still remain the same considering they contain antioxidants, antiviral and antibacterial properties and lycopene which is good for cardiovascular health. Blackcurrant berries and blue berries are sometimes recommended in diarrhea while rasp berries work magic in menstrual cramps for most women.

9. Melons

Known mostly as the water fruits, melons are good for re-hydration especially after that workout routine. They also have natural diuretic properties that help the body cleanse and detoxify. just like other members of the cantaloupes, melons are rich in carotene which helps with antibacterial and antiviral function.

10. Spinach

This vegetable should ranks high when it comes to juicing as it is rich in vitamins and other essential vitamins. However its intake alone should be minimized as it is also rich in oxalic acid that disrupts calcium absorption. It is enjoyed best when mixed with other fruits and vegetables.

11. Parsley

It is mostly recommended in green juices to mask its taste. It contains a lot of chlorophyll and it is an excellent blood booster besides protecting the body from parasitic infections. It helps improve functions of organs such as the liver, kidneys, pancreas and the bowels. Parsley can also help in fighting acne in both male and female.

12. Cranberries

Cranberry juice is recommended as this fruit means well for your reproductive and urinary system functioning. It has mannose that prevents bacterial and viral build up in the urinary system. They are also known to play important role in preventing kidney stones. Due to their sour taste it is recommended that they be mixed with other fruits and vegetables to improve their flavor.

13. Kale

This vegetable plays a very important role when it comes to juicing as it can be enjoyed alone or mixed with other fruits and vegetables as per your liking. Nutritionally it is rich in proteins, electrolytes, antioxidants and vitamin that are important to your general health.

14. Sweet potatoes

Until recently sweet potatoes were not juiced. But due to their exceptional nutritional value this believe was overturned. Sweet potato juice is rich in vitamin C, manganese, fiber, vitamin B6, iron, potassium, copper and anti inflammatory properties responsible for fighting arthritis especially in adults.

15. Carrots

Carrots blend very well with other fruits and vegetables and should be a staple in your juicing routine. They are rich in beta carotene that helps in vision, brain faction, skin conditions, fighting cancer, boosting the immune system and antibacterial properties. Research reveal that carrot juice is also good in fighting putrefactive bacterial and other intestinal parasites.

16. celery

This vegetable is a must for all of you who are starting juicing. Celery is high in potassium and can help with abdominal conditions like bloating and indigestion. In the elderly celery juice helps with blood pressure management .This juice also has diuretic properties which make it good in cleansing your body from unnecessary toxins.

17. Pepper

These are rich in vitamin C, vitamin K and antioxidants that are important nutrients for repair and improvement of body functioning. They also reduce accumulation of harmful fats in the arteries and can help in conditions like asthma, bronchitis and flu. They are also high in natural silicon that is good hair, nail and skin health. They come in different varieties but are best enjoyed when mixed with other fruits and vegetables.

18. Wheat grass

It considered the most essential ingredient in all green juices. However you should love wheat grass more due to its health benefits on your body like cancer prevention due to presence of indoles, DNA repair and healing properties. The juice also contains more than 20 enzymes like catalase which is responsible for breakdown of harmful hydrogen peroxide from the body. Besides this it also has a multitude of other nutrients like, vitamins, chlorophyll, potassium, manganese and many others.

Unlike other fruits and vegetables wheat grass was hard to find but recent agricultural projects have made it commercially available .Despite this you require a special juicer to extract wheat grass juice.

19. Dandelion Greens

This vegetable is known for its green leafs that are rich in chlorophyll. Besides this its juice is rich in diuretic properties which makes it a good at elimination of toxins from the body. It is also good in anemia and diabetic patients and can also offer protection from skin conditions like acne. Other minerals in the juice are calcium, manganese potassium and iron.


Although juicing is a field that is currently undergoing a lot of research to determine other health benefits besides the ones already know or ones we already told you about.  Your reasons for juicing should be well understood in order for you to reap long-term health benefits. The list we have shared of top fruits and vegetables you can use for juicing will come in handy at ensuring that you always have enough to consider. But while we champion for more fruits and vegetables in your diet, they should not be considered drugs that can give a cure to ailments.  But sure enough, the above best fruits and vegetables for juicing can help you a great deal with your health. Your doctor or nutritionist can come in hand and always seek their advice before resorting to juicing. Happy juicing to you all…

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